For TRS047 we decided to change mediums and worked in the neighboring Berkeley silkscreening workshop called the Grease Diner.



The set of hand silkscreened 6” square prints are renditions of the dark and moody photographs taken by Giannico himself in the subway. Each of these 12 unique prints is printed on a different sort of paper… ancient ledger papers, music sheets, rice papers, antique vellum, cardboard etc.


They come in a vintage, hand stamped, 7” 45rpm sleeve from a 60 year old vinyl binder.  Also scattered within the set of prints are scraps of papers and ephemeral detritus found on the Rome metro station platforms.

… a used metro ticket was stamped and hangs at the end of the string that holds the package closed…

…we selected the B metro line that inspired the musical voyage as a layer to be printed on translucent paper…

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