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Sara Forlund’s ‘Water Became Wild’

  • UK based blog Nordic Music Review talk in detail about the different tracks and says “Quiet music can be loud.” They recommend to ” just turn it up really loud and let it completely take over every little corner of your house.” We hope you will do the same.
  • Never Enough Notes says “Sara employs light use of instrumentation (piano, trumpet) to delicately enhance the almost-still beauty of her vocal. Every song -poetic in its lyricism – has a crafted, perfectionist feel about it. This is stuff of ethereal soundtracks, pin-drop music: with breathy nuances left in post-production, the atmospheric quality of Sara’s voice is all-encompassing.”
  • Music Wont Save You were the first to enthusiastically review this album, in Italian.
  • “Brought together the pieces give a rare unified vision of the poetry in day to day life.” says Beach Sloth.


Giulio Aldinucci “Spazio Sacro”

  • Fluid Radio finds in this album the balance between the different regions of the brain, “And all these pieces, with their root-grasp on thought, rationale and emotion, perfectly encapsulate why this is one label to think about, listen to, as well as watch.” Thanks!
  • This reviewer speaks  of “audio postcards from Italy”
  • For Merchants of Air “Something new floats in every time I play this album, which is truly remarkable.”
  • Onda Rock’ s Italian language review end with the one word sentence: “Straordinario”. Read the rest here.
  • Music Won’t Save You review in Italian.


The Classical “Diptych”

  • Juliet shifts from “guide, to siren, to oracle” says Echoes and Dust. “The 46-minute Diptych is by turns theatrical, intimate, timely, and unprecedented.”
  • Glowing review at Tracker Magazine (Portuguese language) of the album, and window showing the Shovel and Bevel video. Have you seen it?
  • 8/10 for Norman Records who asks: “In moments like this, the question arises: am I listening to a pop album or is this actually the strangest thing I’ve listened to all year? It doesn’t matter, but seriously: which is it?”
  • Here is a quick note on Music and Riots site.
  • The Rock Club recommends late night listening with whiskey (!?)…
  • And here is the interview that lead us to Juliet and Britt in the East Bay Express. Sam Lefebvre also reviewed them for Impose magazine.


Drawing Virtual Gardens “Six Weeks Were Too Long To Wait”

  • Music Wont Save You has this lovely Italian review. (I have borrowed their image for the featured image of this post…)


SONMI451 The Limbic System

  • Son Of Marketing loves the elegance of this album. More here.

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