Monolyth & Cobalt

“Polarlicht” | TRS – 41

TRS041 is the newest glacial beauty from French soundartist extrordinaire, Monolyth & Cobalt….and is entitled “Polarlicht” As the title implies, this is a minimal and shifting aural mass of arctic airs ….light….bright…northern climes brought to the windswept and musically adventurous among us. A crystalline and twinkling, guitar infused gem of electronica brilliance awaits you here….button up!

As usual this release will be available in two versions. The first, limited deluxe version comes in an edition of just 65 copies, of which only 50 will be available from the label. Each of these comes in the form of an antique, metal, 5″ 16mm film can. Each originally distressed can is hand labelled, collaged and stamped. Contained within each can are 10 round, hi res satellite photos of the polar ice caps, 2 of which are attached to the can, the other 8 of which come as a sewn and stranded string of aerial shots…vintage rounded photos of frozen polar explorers and their voyages, and a factory pressed disc hubbed to the inside of the lid of the can, are also included. Probably other goodies as well… you know we can’t help ourselves!

This release is also available in a digipak edition of 150 copies.