Wil Bolton

“Quarry Bank” | TRS – 10

For our 10th release….is that possible?….TRS is extremely pleased to be bringing you a very special full length from Wil Bolton. This release is a paeon to both Wil’s love of field recording ambiance, and to both his interest in the industrial revolution in England and the importance these locales played in that movement and in particular with the textile industry of the times.

Quarry Bank Mill, in Cheshire, was one of the largest and most important of the cotton mills in England. Founded in the late 1700’s, it was a working mill for well over 150 years, and has now been rehabilitated and refurbished, and is again a functioning mill, as part of the UK National Trust.

Wil has gone to the mill on numerous occasions and surreptitiously made recordings of the working machineries and environs. He has overlayed these field recordings with some extremely beautiful musicianship, and created here, a homage of sorts to the mill, to the people that worked in it (the majority of which were unpayed and indentured child laborers,) and to the regions around.

This release will be available in mid Nov., 2011, and will come in the usual bespoke limited edition of 100 copies. The packaging will include threads and fabrics made at the mill, and will be both a testament to Wil’s talents as a musician, and our mutual interests in history and folklore.

Each of the deluxe limited edition comes in a hand made 6″square cloth bag made of heavy, raw, unfinished cotton fabric, from the Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire, UK. Each of these bags is hand stamped and distressed w/ a hand worked and numbered tag wired to the back. Tangled in the tag is thread from the mill as well. In the bag is a unique, hand printed and hand worked 20+ page booklet with sewn binding. Also in the bag is a beautiful digipak containing a thermal printed high quality CDr.

Please remember! The examples of this release shown on this page are not necessarily the copies you will receive!