Wil Bolton – Kollane

“Kollane” | TRS – 14

TRS 014 will be the first of the Time Released Sound “mail art” releases. We at TRS have a long time love and fascination with the mail art movement, and it’s inherent collaborative and mutually inspirational referen…ces. TRS 014 will be a new release from Wil Bolton, and was brought to fruition through his participation in an art residency, last October, in Tallinn Estonia. As Wil says…” It’s a single long track and is titled ‘Kollane’ (Estonian for yellow). It’s basically a single field recording (made from the window of the residency studio, taking in street sounds, bells, the clicking of the electricity meter, the creaking of the old vintage lift(elevator) mechanisms, and the sound of me tearing and folding materials for the packaging), combined with very droned out acoustic guitar.”

TRS mailed 80 lovely hand made/printed/artified postcards to Wil at the residency in Tallinn. Wil put each of these postcards in an Estonian stamped envelope, along with souvenirs and detritus from Tallinn, and mailed them back to us in Alameda. In an edition of only 80, each copy of this release will come with one of these unopened “mail art envelopes”, in an outer hand worked envelope, w/inner printed, and cotton sleeve lined translucent envelope, and a factory pressed replicated disc.

Written and produced by Wil Bolton
Environmental sounds recorded during a residency at the Estonian Artists’ Association, Tallinn, October 2011
Photography by Wil Bolton
Design by Colin Herrick
Thanks to Soo, Colin, and Maria Tromp