“A New Popular Star Atlas” | TRS – 08
For their 8th and increasingly labor intensive release, Time Released Sound is extremely pleased to be bringing you the newest full length from Bernard Zwijzen, aka Sonmi451. With previous releases on U-Cover Ltd and Slaapwel Records, Sonmi451 here delivers an exceedingly delicate tribute to the stars and and to our star system. These softy crystaline and glittering pieces of pure cerebrally gentle electronica reflect perfectly the individual stars that they are named after, and like the night sky, flicker and fade with an ever shifting aura of calming beauty. The perfect soundtrack to an evening out under the night sky!

Available initially in only one limited edition of 100 copies, each of these thermal printed cdr’s will come in a folded sleeve made from a beautifully unique, deep blue antique star chart. Each package will also include a 5″ diameter star finder wheel, and will come in the now ubiquitous square, hand worked/stamped/punched and star spattered translucent envelope. There will also be several beautifully printed hand worked informative inserts, describing the stars and this release itself. You’ll definitely want one of these with you while out camping or wandering about in the wilds! This is all subject to necessary change of course…and of fortune…

In a month or so there will be an additional and even more over the top edition of 15….these mini hardback versions will be made from the cast off bindings of the 17 sacrificed/recycled copies of this book that the inner sleeves were… borrowed from….

Attention: As usual, the copy of the release shown in the picture may or may not be the one you receive…due to the nature of the materials involved, and the hand made controlled imperfection of these releases, there are slight differences in appearance and design from
copy to copy.