“The Girl in the Clock” | TRS – 01

Time Released Sound’s first release will be a 3″ cdr ep by the highly respected Japanese ambient/drone artist, Shaula. Having come off fantastic releases on both Under the Spire, and Somehow Recordings, Shaula has created for our first release a 20+ minute piece of thoughtful somber beauty. With it’s slight Baroque undertones, this long slow fade into the heavens is a perfect compliment to the ancienne’ imagery of it’s somewhat over-the-top packaging. In an edition of only 65, each of these comes in a completely and uniquely hand collaged and artified antique/art deco photo folder. The sacrificing of a huge pile of 150 year old English engravings was involved.

Please note before ordering that no two copies of this inaugural release are alike! Some are larger, some smaller, some open vertically, some horizontally, but the same care and time went into the creation of each. Any losers have been fed to the dogs! In an attempt to be fair, and because I am too lazy to scan all 60 onto the site, I have decided to number them randomly. The first person to place an order will receive copy #1…the second person copy #2… and so on. However, if anyone is for some strange reason unhappy with the copy they receive, they can return it for a full refund, minus return shipping costs. The disc must be in as shipped condition.

Please remember! The examples of this release shown on this page are not necessarily the copies you will receive!