“Quietus Gradualis” Sold Out! | TRS – 21
Time Released Sound has really pulled out all the stops on the 6th of the “chocolate box” series….TRS021 is a blissful collaborative effort from Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz) and Spheruleus (Harry Towell), called “Quietus Gradualis’. With it’s almost folky and melodic background/filling of guitar meanderings and pseudo stringed ambiance, and a crackly and slightly crunchy and somewhat droney top coating, this is one taste treat not to be missed!!

Now that we have gone through a 12 step program and emerged from rehab after the draining experience of making the somewhat insane packaging for this release, we can at last sit back ourselves, and enjoy the sounds! In an edition of 80 copies, the deluxe “chocolate box” version of this release takes the form of a four tier maze/pinball game. Each box comes with a game spinner and wheels on the green felted top, like some kind of crazy miniature putting green. The 4 sides of the box are wrapped with tape and stamped… Inside the box the sectional chocolate container present in all of the other boxes has been doubled and stacked, with holes in the sides in particular places, and objects placed between them, through which one must navigate the four little stainless steel balls that come with the box. Open your box, drop the 4 balls on the top surface, find your way down the top hole and finally down and through the hole in and out the bottom of the box. Each box also contains two hand printed mini discs on hubs, a completely hand modified insert, dice, tiddly winks pieces and other insanities bound to drive you even crazier than we are now!

Like the others in this series, this release is also available in a 5″ replicated, ly picture sleeved version, in an edition of 150 copies.