Gypsy eyes

Nefelibata | TRS056

Time released soundAt last! A local artist! For TRS056 we are very pleased to be bringing you this languidly brooding full length from somewhat mysteriously anonymous, Los Angeles based artist, Gypsy Eyes…and it’s called “Nefelibata.”

We’re not quite sure if Gypsy Eyes is a Nefelibata himself…but what we do know, we loved when we first heard his somewhat dark and nocturnal excursion through a spooky forest fire ridden landscape…woodland creatures purring, these crackling and harsh yet melodic and soothing atmospheres bring to mind both immolation and rebirth, and we are all wrapped up in these electronically treated wanderings of the cloud walker…who is not like us…

As usual this release will come in two distinct versions. The first deluxe version comes in an edition of just 50 copies this time. Only 35 of these will be available for purchase from the label. Each of these antique, collaged, fold open art deco folders comes with two 75 year old palmistry prints, original vintage photos with mystical hand workings, antique tagged hanging cardboard fortunes, beautiful hand written sheet music elements, all stamped and handworked in the usual over the top TRS fashion. Each stamped and enveloped glass mastered disc is banded to the package with a unique, Tibetan, meditative text strip. Truly made for the Nefelibata within us all…The copy you receive may or may not be one of those pictured.

There is also a lovely digipak version, this time in an edition of just 100 copies.

This release will ship the week of October 26th.