David Newlyn – Ruins

“Ruins” | TRS – 17

TRS017 will be the second in a series of six releases that we are calling the “chocolate box” series. These will be released in sets of two, over the next three months. The second, of the first pair, will be a release from David Newlyn, entitled “Ruins”. Like the Taskerlands box, the music on this release comes in the form of two long 20+ minute tracks. With the usual finesse that David shows on all his work, he brings us here an absolutely stunning blend of neo-classical beauty featuring laptop, keyboard, guitars, minidisc and field recordings. This is headphone music for sure…it’s delicate yet insistent flow, and depth of ambient nuance is in fine keeping with David’s previous release on Time Released Sound of last year, “Brittle”. Newlyn has such a fine touch with all that he has at hand…and he never ceases to amaze!

The David Newlyn limited edition deluxe “chocolate box” version will be released, as will the other five in this series, in a small 3.75″ square, hinge lidded and greatly modified chocolate box, in an edition of 80 copies. Each of the boxes in this particular release will have a unique cover. It features a dimensional “urban ruins” painted, epoxy resin action figure disc, surrounded by a field of vacuum cleaner debris from the well worn floors of TRS studios. What could be more ruinous, or personal for that matter? The sides of each box are clad in a sanded/non skid rubberized material.The inside of each box will be uniquely collaged with appropriately “ruinous”150 year old engravings, and will also contain the music on two 3” stamped mini discs on hubs…one on the inside of the cover to the box, the other on the thick foil insert that originally came in the box. Atop that will be a mini double sided, printed, informative insert, and beneath it all, at the bottom of the box, will be a secitional container filled with demolition materials…also from the walls of TRS studios…which are now in need of some serious patching! The bottoms of all these boxes will be clad in felt.

All six of these “chocolate box” releases will also be released in a 5″ factory pressed, replicated disc version. Those that order the deluxe versions will be offered these 5″ copies first, at a much reduced rate, but there will also be some copies of the 5″ sleeved version available separately, and as a special set of six…at some point! This version will be extremely limited! More to come as regards it soon…