Benjamin Finger

“Listen To My Nerves Hum” | trs – 030

For TRS030, Time Released Sound is very pleased to be releasing this latest album from Benjamin Finger, entitled, “Listen To My Nerves Hum”. Based largely around various deceptively repetitive piano movements, with the added use of voice overs and field recordings, this album moves through some quite uniquely original spaces. Subtly and overall quite filmic in nature, and quite often with a distinctive pseudo dissonant melodicism, it seemingly evokes a general feeling of unease and potentially unsettling events. Yet beneath these melancholic atmospheres lies a gentle promise of quietude and peacefulness. This album has been mastered by Lawrence English. As the title suggests…listen to your nerves hum…as you listen to this beautiful album…

This release will come in a truly over the top, deluxe limited version form, of a hanging sculptural/skeletal bird mobile made from the parts of antique pianos. The folded and disassembled sculpture comes in a extensively modified 8.5″ x 5″ chocolate box. The box itself is collaged inside and out, with 100+ year old, educational musical strips, is painted and stamped, and comes with feet made from brass piano capstans and nuts. The bird itself lies in the box atop a nest made from other broken up bits of piano innards, separated by various antique and hand printed paper inserts, one of which details the history of this particular now extinct bird, The Hammerheaded Wippin bird…This limited version comes in an edition of 70 boxes…all uniquely hand made.

There is also a vinyl version of this release. In an edition of 300 copies.