“Evolution of the Human Heart” | TRS – 09

TRS 09, the new full length release from 5turns25, “Evolution of the Human Heart,” will be available for preorder in mid Oct! This folktronic ambient duo from the Northeastern United States have created an unusually lovely hybrid of very “american” sounding, guitar centric, multi instrumentally looped ambient folkdrone.

This release will be available in only one limited edition version of 100 copies. In our usual over-the-top fashion, each of these beauties will come with a filmic referenced , torn out and hand worked/collaged double sided notebook page. Each of these pages has a pair of mismatched clock hands suspended from it by thread. You may have noticed by now that we at TRS prefer our clocks to be handless…so we are at last providing you with some hands of your own, just in case you care to keep track of the time more than we! Also included are a pair of beautifully printed and uniquely artified double sided inserts, which along with the lovingly designed and thermal printed disc come in the now ubiquitous translucent 6″ square envelope…which in turn is fronted with it’s own specially produced Time Released Sound clock stencil, and all held snugly in place with a hand stamped black band!

Please remember that the copy/copies you see on the website may or may not be the one you receive…due to the fact that these are all unique, and to the fact that accidents happen! Inky fingers!!!