Marta Mist – Scavengers – Deluxe version SOLD OUT!

Marta Mist – Scavengers – Deluxe version    SOLD OUT!

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Sold Out!...

Welcome to 2016 everyone! For our first release of the new year we are very pleased to be bringing you this full length from the very mysterious Leeds based trio, Marta Mist, entitled “Scavengers”. Having been on hiatus for a few years since last releasing on the Hibernate and Heat Death labels, they are back here with two beautiful long tracks that showcase their post rock tinged ambient sound. With violin playing a large part, these two moody, cinematic excursions into the cerebrum are a soundtrack and a treasure hunt for the ears!

As usual “Scavengers” will be available in two versions. The first limited version in an edition of only 55 copies comes packaged in a hardback book cover from the young boys adventure favorites, The Hardy Boys.( 5 copies of the 55 will be the young girls equivalent, Nancy Drew book covers). Only 40 copies will be available from the website! Each unique and original outer book jacket has been reimagined and oil painted by Bay Area artist Jacqueline Cooper. Each has a burnt 75 year old treasure map on the back, with a vintage attached key to the treasure! Each “book” is trimmed with wood on the inside, and has a pocket with a collection of the sorts of thing young sleuths like these would keep about them...antique playing cards, letters from home, fortune telling cards, merit badges, illustrations from the books themselves, and a whistle to call for help! Each book is banded and hand stamped, and comes with a factory pressed disc on a hub.

TRS059 is also available in a beautiful digipak version of only 100 copies.

This release will ship the week of January 18th.

More Info about the deluxe packaging and Sound Clips!

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