Ben Eyes – Flood – Deluxe Edition SOLD OUT!

Ben Eyes – Flood – Deluxe Edition  SOLD OUT!

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Sold out!

For the second release this month we are happily returning to our mini-disc roots! TRS058 is a lovely 20+ minute drenching from Northumbrian soundscaper Ben Eyes, entitled “FLOOD”. In Ben’s own words…

“FL00D was initially inspired by the Winter floods that took place in England in 2014. The idea that we have permanently changed our weather system through our own doing is incredibly thought provoking and cannot be ignored. The floods and storms were some of the worst on record and seeing places I know and hold dear destroyed by the weather made me feel both extremely upset and helpless.
The work of James Lovelock was also a large inspiration behind this piece and his Gaia theory (the idea that the Earth is one whole complex living organism) is unfortunately now being proven correct. Through the pollution of our own delicate eco-system we have caused untold damage for many generations to come, possibly forever.
The piece starts with some very intimate field recordings made on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in Northumbria. The listener is then taken on a journey, through the dark heart of our little Island, to discover the coming storm that will come and wash us all away…”

In just this one edition of only 50 copies, each of these miniature “floods” comes as a randomly encased mess of organic and made made detritus, embedded and solidified in a bed of polyurethane, all housed within a 4” square, lidded medical specimen tray. Each hand stamped disc in it’s envelope, and a hand printed insert w/ vintage watery photograph of the building of our local underwater Alameda Webster Tube in 1964 are banded to the box with a clear stamped band. Insanely awesome!

This release will ship the week of December 7th.

More Info about the deluxe packaging and Sound Clips!

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