The Classical – Diptych – standard version Available now!!

The Classical – Diptych – standard version  Available now!!

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As the first release on our “sub label”, Time Sensitive Materials, we are very excited to be bringing you this full length album from soon to be notorious San Francisco potents The Classical, entitled “Diptych”.

The Classical is vocalist/songwriter Juliet Gordon, and insanely talented, and at times avant jazz drummer Britt Ciampa. Let’s see, hmmmmmmm…the wayward daughter of Nico, having an early Birthday Party hosted in the modern haunted house of Scott Walker? Opaqued window shades by John Barry? With it’s absolutely original sounding jazz tinged swampy post punk martial vibe, and it’s heavy drum sound and beautiful noirish vocals, it may be at times not for the easily challenged, yet is completely accessible to those like us with discriminating tastes!

As with TRS projects, the Time Sensitive Material releases will also be coming in two versions. This is the digipak available in a a first pressing of 150 copies.

More Info about the deluxe packaging and Sound Clips!

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