The Doubling Riders – Garama – Deluxe Version AVAILABLE NOW!

The Doubling Riders – Garama – Deluxe Version  AVAILABLE NOW!

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Available Now!

For TRS054 we are extremely excited to bring you what is our first re-release. This is an absolutely lovely, and criminally under heard beauty from Italian group, The Doubling Riders, entitled “Garama”. Originally released in 1991 on the fantastic, Italian Il Museo Immaginario label, this is a wonderfully evocative album of old school, synth infused ethno-ambiance of the highest caliber. A concept album of sorts, it references the ancient Saharan kingdom of the Garamantes, who lived in what is now central Libya. Eerie, melodic, mysterious…please discover the wonder of Garama for yourself after all these years...

Garama will come in two versions. This deluxe limited edition version, in an edition of just 75 copies, comes as a set of three hi-res, hand worked color photos of the ruins of Garama. In the form of a tri fold, 9” x 17” double sided poster, each with a stenciled aerosol pictoglyph painting, embedded Amazonite dust, (the Garamantes traded in Amazonite) and stampings. The poster comes in a hand printed envelope with an original print from an antique book on the Tuareg descendants of the Garamantes, each of these comes in an outer, hand colored and sprayed translucent envelope. Each envelope is tied up with a strung set of Amazonite beads. It also comes with a factory pressed disc in a cotton sleeve.

There is also a beautiful digipak version in an edition of just 150 copies. It comes with an inside pocket and a 4 panel booklet.

This release will ship the week of the 10th of August.

Domestic shipping $5.00 International shipping $16.00

More Info about the deluxe packaging and Sound Clips!

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