Masaya Kato – Trace Of Voices – Standard Version AVAILABLE NOW!

Masaya Kato – Trace Of Voices – Standard Version  AVAILABLE NOW!

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Available now!

Available in early January will be our 49th release...a beautiful album of minimalist pastoralism from Japanese composer Masaya Kato, entitled “Trace Of Voices”. It’s piano based ambiances, with its obscure samplings, field recordings, and overall Japanesesque tones, are the perfect accompaniment to these long, relaxing mid winter evenings!

This is the digipak version in an edition of 150 copies.

There is also a deluxe version in an edition of just 65 copies. It comes in the form of a hand made, Japanese style, 2015 calendar/scroll...featuring six beautifully printed photos by Warsaw based photographer, Irina Urumova. Each calendar/scroll is made of cloth book binding paper, fronted by an antique Japanese wallpaper sample sheet, is pre strung to hang, and has a pocket that holds the factory pressed disc with hand printed insert, in a sleeve made from a page of an antique Japanese book of floral drawings. The calendar itself comes in a large, hand stamped and sealed envelope made from unique block printed wallpaper. Also included are pressed Ginkgo leaves from a tree in front of TRS headquarters...and other appropriate ephemera!

This release will ship on or about January 12th.

Domestic shipping $4.00 International shipping $12.00

More Info about the packaging and Sound Clips!

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