Daydreamer – Camus – Standard Version AVAILABLE NOW!

Daydreamer – Camus – Standard Version  AVAILABLE NOW!

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TRS043 is the feature full length album from Russian duo, Daydreamer. Entitled "Camus", it is an homage of sorts to the great French existentialist writer of the same name. Like the band name suggests, it's a dreamy mix of melodic post rock ambiance, and serves as a sort of soundtrack to the road movie that Albert Camus lived... and died on...

This release comes as usual in two versions. The first limited version, in an edition of 90 copies, comes in the form of a multi page booklet that is hinged in the corner and fans open into an abstract mandala of sorts. The pages are printed on super heavyweight Moab paper, and are punched, collaged, sewn, stamped, doodled, and in general hand worked as usual. The back of the pages are a spray stenciled daydream of their own! Hanging from the front corner of each booklet is a little capped vial containing most of a Gauloises cigarette... the brand that Camus obsessively smoked until the end... feel free to light it up, listen, and start a daydream of your own! Each booklet comes in a 6"square, spray painted, punched and stamped translucent envelope.

This release will ship the first week of July.

This version is a beautiful digipak edition of 150 copies.

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