TRUST – Deluxe Version SOLD OUT!

TRUST – Deluxe Version    SOLD OUT!

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The reworked release that has now become TRS023. After the unfortunate fiasco that accompanied what was to be the original release, this is now an absolutely fantastic compilation featuring 12 amazing artists…some of which TRS has released previously, some of which are new to the label…but all of which should be familiar to most or all of you. With exclusive tracks all around, this will be available only in one deluxe limited version of 100 copies. Only 50 of these will be available from the website, but upon possibly selling out, some few copies may be obtained from some of the artists involved in the project. This album has been mastered by Rudi Arapahoe….with huge thanks!!! There may be a picture sleeve version of this release available somewhere down the line...

Following is the list of the artists involved, with track titles, in the order it will be heard. Attached is a picture of the front outer sleeve, each of which contains an individually collaged, stenciled, and stamped fold open photographic mini posters, w/factory pressed discs in sleeves, and accompanying paper ephemera. All tied up with red Indian thread... and sporting a hand stamped and distressed TRS tag...

The Frozen Vaults are Yuki Murata, Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq), Harry Towell (Spheruleus), Tomasz Mreńca and Dave Dhonau.

More Info about the packaging and Sound Clips!

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