The Ashes Of Piemonte – Winter’s Fire – Deluxe Version SOLD OUT!

The Ashes Of Piemonte – Winter’s Fire – Deluxe Version   SOLD OUT!

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Sold Out!

The Ashes Of Piemonte, "Winter's Fire", is a seamlessly collaborative effort between Wil Bolton(Cheju), and Lee Anthony Norris(Norken). Working from their respective homes in the UK and Italy, the two have woven together a moody, cinematic homage to the historical tragedy known as the Massacre Of Piemonte. Inspired also by the famous poem by John Milton, "On The Late Massacre In Piedmonte", this is a spatially atmospheric blend of organic synthy electronics, melancholic field recordings and sampled voice overs, that suits the somewhat darkly medieval subject matter perfectly.

The deluxe version of Winter's Fire comes in an edition of 100 copies. Inside each copy is a stamped and printed, 9" x 15" heavyweight page from a 100 year old apothecary's ledger, with all the original hand written prescriptions adhered thereon. Woven into this page in places are twigs. Each page is then bound with antique string with an attached old, large, brass clothespin.Folded in three and hubbed in the center for the factory pressed disc, each of these pages with it's printed vintage paper insert comes in a large antiqued envelope. Each envelope is printed, and distressed with Piedmont Pines ash, pastel, and ink… and hand stamped and sealed with blood red sealing wax. The textual insert within is also printed on antique paper as well... The factory pressed disc itself will arrive in a cotton sleeve, and can be attached to the hub at your leisure...or not!

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