Ghostwriter & Michael Paine – Morrow – Digipak Version AVAILABLE NOW!

Ghostwriter & Michael Paine – Morrow – Digipak Version  AVAILABLE NOW!

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Available now!

Coming in early December will be a full length release from Ghostwriter & Michael Paine, entitled “Morrow”. This is the latest release from Ghostwriter, aka Mark Brend, whose first well received album came out on the Second Language label. He is joined this time around by an assortment of talented friends, that together have made something uniquely and evocatively English, in “Morrow”!

This pastorally infused, folktronica tinged, and somewhat eccentric paean to early mid century England, with it’s seaside holidays and early suburban aesthetic, it’s country houses and their gloomy, wallpapered interiors, and it’s war weary yet seemingly hopeful demeanors, will be released in two distinct versions. The limited edition version, in an edition of only 80 copies, will come in the form of a uniquely hand distressed and antiqued hardcover booklet, various interior pages collaged with vintage photos and advertisements of the time, 1930’s wallpaper samples, a mounted, hand stamped and colored round jigsaw puzzle pastoral landscape, and a typewriter addressed, stamped and soiled CD envelope, w/other goodies! All this comes in a handworked, 7” square translucent envelope.

This is the digipak version in an edition of 150 copies.

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