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PORYA HATAMI – Arrivals And Departures 
(Time Released Sound, 2014)


(Time Released Sound, 2014)

and from the Chilean blog Loop in Spanish and English

FRANCESCO GIANNICO | ‘Metrophony’ | Time Released Sound | 2014

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Francesco Giannico – Metrophony 8.0

                Francesco Giannico finds the beauty within the sounds of a commute. This is no easy task yet Francesco Giannico makes it feel effortless. Such elegant guitar and electronic manipulations help to make it a tasteful ambient affair. With the additional flourishes (guitar, electronics, percussion) serving as a framing device to the extensive field recordings the piece takes on a calm dreamy nature. At times the two pieces feel akin to daydreaming on that long commute, something that everybody needs to do in order to better process their reality. Gentle flourishes define the work as Metrophony invites the listener to pay attention to everything going on around them.
                The mechanical noises of the train help to give the songs a human kind of rhythm. While it is not natural the framing that Francesco Giannico makes it seem that way. On “B Line” the epic opener the piece revolves around the industrial whirs of the subway line. Additionally nice is how the conversations filter into the mix giving it a sense of warmth. Bubbly work on the guitar gives the piece an oftentimes surreal feel to it. Very active in the beginning by the end of the piece the guitar and electronic effects take on a subdued quality as they become more atmospheric. For “B1 Line” the opposite occurs. Starting out with the naked field recording Francesco lets it build until the piece slowly veers away from the here and now into the imagined.
                Cyclical in nature Metrophony is a beautiful tribute to the world inhabited by millions of people every day.


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