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Artist: Guy Gelem (@)
Title: Reappearance
Format: CD
Label: Time Released Sound (@)
Rated: *****
I received this tidbit by cello player Guy Gelem some months ago, but there should be some available copies of the strictly limited edition of 90 ones yet which features the usual lovely artworks by Time Released Sound – a star punched, black felt covered outer envelope, wrapped in an undulating, hand worked, 26″ folded obi strip’¦with an included, stamped insert made from pages of vintage, hand notated sheet music, whose package got tied up with strands of Mongolian horsehair and a hand made, rubber tie down button, made from a used bicycle tire tube! -. According to my ear response, the recording is not perfect, but it seems that this nice assay of neo-classical music got deliberately recorded in a raw way that emphasizes a certain genuine rusticity of Gelem’s music. I don’t know if he got helped by guest musicians or puzzled different melodic lines in studio, but the melodies that he rubbed on four tracks – one for each part of the day (morning, noon, evening and night) – are so enchanting and evocative that any other aspects are irrilevant. I’m pretty sure that listeners will experience a sort of bucolic synaesthesia while listening to Gelem’s “Reappearance” that is going to bring your mind towards a perception of time whose close connection to natural cycles has almost been forgotten by many communities where alienation and consumerism are undisputed rulers.

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