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Mikael Lind is a Swedish composer of electronic music and neoclassical.

The musician was born in Sweden in 1981. There he grew up and grew up. In 2003 and 2005, visited Iceland for a period of several months. This time was enough for him to be captivated by a strikingly beautiful and inspiring at the same time the nature of the island. In interviews composer emphasizes that not only the picturesque landscapes of Iceland for him inspiring, but also variable and difficult weather conditions, as well as a vast wasteland strewn with only sand and stones.Thus, in 2006, moved to and settled in Iceland. In such a magical environment musician gave up his wild creativity. Here arose the subsequent compositions, as well as the evolved sound of his music.

It should be emphasized that Mikael making music from the age of 13. So far, however, not studied in this direction. It was only from 2012, he began to do a master’s degree in child’s play digital music. Therefore, lived temporarily in Edinburgh (Scotland). Currently planning to return to Iceland.

In the work of the Swedish composer reveals a passion for classical music, post-classical, electronic and ambient music, and even post-rock. In recent years, musician particularly carefully analyzed baroque music and also binds to the period contrapuntal style of writing music. This is what fascinates Mikaela in the compositions of that era are repeating patterns and melodies that appear and repeat, won on different instruments. They always being in motion considers something very aesthetic in music.

Among the musical influences musician lists even artists such as Nico Muhly, Tim Hecker, Hauschka, Alessandro Scarlatti, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Steve Reich , and Johann Sebastian Bach . His musical achievements can also evoke subtle associations with the Icelandic contractors, such as Sigur Rós, Múm, Olafur Arnalds and Bjork .


Mikael Lind creates his music using mainly the laptop. It uses software such as FastTracker 2, Buzz , and Cubase .Currently, however, mostly using the program Ableton and Max / MSP . It is characterized by a more experimental approach to making music. This is not a linear process, and “put together”. His work is more like stacking structures with different pads, matching them to each other on a puzzle. It uses a variety of music tracks which repeatedly modifies, rebuilds, change their order, cut, fit, refused, and so on.

In 2004, Mikael Lind through the label Electronical released the album ” After summer comes fall . ” It appeared only in the form of MP3 files and was available on the network for free.

It was not until five years later, in spring 2009 he released the actual “physical” debut artist entitled ” Alltihop “, released as a CD disc by label Kimi Records . The album was extremely well received. The album received high marks. For example, the maximum score in the Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið and 04.05 in the online edition of the Swedish music magazine Groove . It was a breakthrough album for the artist in his career.

In 2012 came another album Mikael ‘and bearing the title ” Felines everywhere . ” This time his electronic music artist embellished further acoustic instruments. There were lots of violin and piano, as well as ringtones.

In September of 2013 years , Mikael Lind released the next album, entitled ” Unsettled beings “. This time the record label Time Released Sound . On this album, probably the most heard influences of classical music and “Icelandic ethereal sound.” Music artist has grown even more. Sounds majestically floating in space alone. With high power hit us dreamy melancholic melodies. It is publishing what little.


Mikael Lind – foreigner in Iceland, to work on the album has invited three other musicians, also from outside Iceland. The first is Paul Evans of Greenhouse Studios , who played the violin. Another Ryan Karazija known design Low Roar . The singer sang four songs here. The third invited to cooperate person is Alex Somers (Icelandic producer, Ajax duo Riceboy Sleeps with his partner Jonsi ‘m Sigur Ros ), who performed the mastering of the album.

The album ” Unsettled beings “presents two faces Mikael’a . Part of the composition is maintained in the mainstream, generally speaking, folktronica and ambient, and other songs seem to be more post-classical. The basis of music are manifold sounds of pianos, accompanied by interesting violinist Paul and of course the ethereal voice of Ryan . Added to this is a slight touch of electronics Mikaela . The whole offers us a fascinating sound and sound experiments, particularly interesting melodies fall in polirytmicznych passages.

The accompanying CD seductive and volatile northern atmosphere of nostalgia is touching. Without the rest of you can sink into and wallow in this music, which easily can be felt an undeniable bond Mikael’a with Iceland.

Spiritual attachment Swedish composer Iceland has also been reflected in the graphical release of the album ” Unsettled beings “. Not to mention the fact that the album was released in two versions: a standard digipack limited edition of 200 copies and versions Deluxe Edition .


What is said version Deluxe Edition ? Well, in this case, the album appeared in limited edition as a 10-page book of photographs, with the cover being an imitation of the ancient. Of course the whole thing was hand-sewn and made. Each page has contact burning, and then covered with a countless number of prints produced by famous Icelandic illustrator Bjørg Sigga Sigurdardottir (made drawings of the inner liner on the last album Sigur Ros ). In addition, on one side was the fingerprint of the artist, imprinted in the ashes coming from the volcano Hekla . In addition, the copy is an original work – a collage made from Icelandic flowers and leaves. This is the result of cooperation Sigga with Colin Herrick . Package also includes the original Polaroid picture taken by Mikael in Iceland. This is not all. Also included two transparent envelopes, in which the Icelandic dried leaves and flowers. For the most part they come from the area of the house / studio where the album was recorded.Inserts are hand printed. And in the end we get even a small bottle filled with flower seeds Icelandic.

Is not it a beautiful combination of innovation and tradition? Publisher ” Unsettled beings “is much more than” just “music.It’s a work of art.


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