The deluxe limited version comes in an edition of just 70 copies.

This set of seven somewhat tense and at times industrial sounding, yetstill melodic and tenderly manipulated tracks was inspired mainly by the impending birth of his first
daughter.So this got us working with childhood, machines, surprise, discovery… all meant to convey both the feeling of the hospital as a machine itself of sorts, and the childlike essence kept within. It comes in the form of a corner hinged booklet of industrial engravings and cross layered ephemera: hole punched pages from vintage children connect-a -dot books, hand colored children’s books, and other antique paper ephemera…  Each booklet comes in a hand stamped/worked envelope that is covered with a 120 year old machine shop engraving 








The little punched out gears spin and underneath lies the childlike doll herself! Pictured on the factory pressed disc is an image of the door behind which she was born.

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