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Pines (Zachary Corsa) | The Field Journal

The Field Journal is a little gem of an EP from Pines, a solo project of North Carolina based musician Zachary Corsa who also records with his wife Denny as Lost Trail.  Fittingly, the recording is offered in the artistically unique bespoke packaging of boutique label Time Released Sound who describes it this way:

“This EP length, mini disc release is a soundtrack of sorts to a drive through a deserted countryside of dead fields, frosty windows, empty hallways, old polaroids, bare tree branches and barns. Pastoral and melodic… sometimes bleak… always nostalgic…this lovely blend of electronics and instrumentations will have you dozing on the front porch, once you arrive at your destination…and dreaming of spring…”

The brevity of the album suits the concept and really feels just right in listening through the evocative pieces that manage to span a wide range of tones and moods in such a short time while remaining very cohesive.  Heavy use is made of backward tracked guitar sounds, sometimes with vivid distortion as in ‘Wolf Teeth Revisited’ and ‘Years in the Faded Light’ or with a more meditative, almost Eastern feel in ‘Like Felled Ghosts Beneath Depthless Grey Skies’. In contrast, shimmering pastoral acoustic sounds grace ‘To And Fro, To And Fro’ and the album concludes with a blissful drone styled piece wonderfully named ‘We Found a Star Decaying In a Meadow’.

The special package for The Field Journal includes  a vintage, 4” square zip disc case, which is collaged inside and out with unique, antique pastoral snapshots and contains an 8 panel, accordion style fold out print, each panel of which is hand colored with dirt, grass and flowers, and is extensively stamped with text typed on a vintage typewriter.

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